Infrastructure Logistics and Inventory Management




Operations of the group are controlled from New Delhi, where the company has well equipped modern office building in heart of Central New Delhi self owned with aggregate office space of over 6,000 sq. ft. We also have Technical & application lab centre with team of qualified for extending support to customers for development new formulation, products trials, competitive product analysis, trouble shooting etc.

LASCO’s value-added services such as logistics and inventory management make us the partner of choice for both customers and suppliers.


Technical Service and Application Center (TSAC)

Our Coatings , Home & Personal Care Application Centre (TSAC) provides the formulators with required expertise throughout the product development process- from concept to formulation development. Our technical expertise has been designed to provide ‘Total Solutions’ to our customers with an array of starting formulations using the most innovative concepts and solve complex issues that our customers face during formulation development.

Lasco qualified & experienced technical team meet the formulation development scientists of the customers, understand their need & challenges and come out with necessary solutions. This expertise of ours gives us unique competitive advantage. Clear understanding of technical needs of the formulators in combination with in-depth product knowledge enable us to offer the right technologies and solutions to our partners and help them in developing sustainable business.



Through our owned established and fully equipped warehouse facilities covering floor area more than 70000 sq ft in Delhi & NCR, Our warehouses are well equipped with ventilator system , modern Fire fighting equipments , security and lighting for proficient handling of different materials. The group has strong manpower base of well-qualified proficient employees. We offer unrivaled material handling expertise and logistical capabilities to meet your specific needs.

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The new modern manufacturing facility reinforces the company’s overall growth strategy to drive innovation, technology and product development that caters to specific markets, such as Specialty coatings, Pigment dispersions , Color Cosmetics & personal care ingredients.

The company will manufacture a wide range of products including specialty Coatings , Pigment dispersions ( Solvent & Water Based ) , Dispersed Pigmented NC Chips , Thixotrophic Lacquers & Gels for Nail enamels, Formulated Wax bases , D&C Colors etc in the new facility, which is located in Gurgaon, Haryana. The plant is spread over a area of 36,000 sq. fts and has many enhancements that reduce energy consumption and efficient production output.

This state-of-the-art manufacturing facility epitomizes our global strategy to manufacture products that will serve the growing needs of both “ domestic and international markets,”

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